Deer Stalking

Deer stalking is one of the most traditional Highland country sports, and offers a unique way to experience the rugged landscape of the Strathcarron Glen that surrounds the Gledfield estate.

With 5,000 acres specifically set aside for the sport, you can be sure of a fascinating adventure every time.

We work closely with the adjoining estates and are members of the local Deer Management Group, to ensure our population of red deer is always thriving, whilst also being carefully maintained – with stalking being a key means of doing so.

Whatever your experience level, our expert deer stalker will be on hand to guide you every step of the way, using their in depth knowledge of the area, weather systems and topography to maximise your chances of a successful trip. Of course, we can never guarantee this, but what you can always be certain of is a one-of-a-kind day out in the most breathtaking Scottish scenery.

Stag stalking is available from 1st July to 20th October each year, and is priced at £700 per head. Up to two guns are permitted in each party. This is followed by the hind stalking season from 21st October to 14th February, at £350 per head.

Please remember that the Highland terrain is steep and rugged, so a good level of fitness is necessary to make the most of your stalking trip. It’s also vital to wear suitable outdoor clothing that will blend into the surroundings.

Deer stalking can be enjoyed as a standalone visit to the Gledfield Highland Estate, or as part of a stay at one of our two self-catering holiday cottages.

Duck Shooting

The wetland habitats along the River Carron, which runs through the Gledfield Estate, provide the ideal opportunity for duck flights in the late afternoon and early evening hours.

The wildfowl season runs from 1st September to 31st January, and so is the perfect winter country sport. But, make sure you are well-prepared for the Scottish weather conditions at this time of year!

Duck shoots can be enjoyed as a standalone visit to the Gledfield Highland Estate, or as part of a stay at one of our two self-catering holiday cottages.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

A fantastic introduction to shooting sports

Clay pigeon shooting, or trap shooting, is an enjoyable way to enjoy gun sport all year round. It’s also one of the more accessible country sports, and suitable for novices as well as more experienced shooters. Everything you need is provided including ear defenders and firearms.


To book your country sports adventure, please contact our team:

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